Project:       Lube Oil Blending and Packaging Plant.
Client:         TOTAL Lubricants Blending UAE (TLBU), Jebel Ali, Dubai.
Services:    Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM).

Basic engineering, detailed design, tendering and construction management for a Blending and Packaging Plant with 25,000 tonne / shift / year of lube oil comprising mainly Automotive, Marine and Hydraulic oils.

Key features of the facility are:

  • Warehouse and plant building of 5,400 m2 area.
  • Office and laboratory building of 820 m2 area.
  • Containerized modular blending & processing units.
  • Jetty import pipeline 150mm dia, including pigging facility.
  • Eight base oil storage tanks of total 12,000m3 capacity.
  • Five additive storage tanks of 50m3 capacity each.
  • Six finished product storage tanks of 60m3 capacity each.
  • Heating facility for storage and blending tanks & piping.
  • Drum and container filling and carton packing facility.
  • HV/LV electrical systems including power, earthing and lighting.
  • Tanker trucks and container loading and unloading facility.